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Retention up 83%
Want excellent customer service? - start by recruiting the right staff. It was 1990 and BP and the Australian Commonwealth Employment Service (CES, now Centrelink) had a problem ... read more
Manager on tablet managing employees
Managers Wear Multiple Hats If you manage people, you may sometimes struggle with the very tough job of ... read more
Beyond Humble, Hungry, and Smart
Ideal Team-players In 2016 Patrick Lencioni brought out the follow-up book to his The Five Dysfunctions of a ... read more
Creative Grit
There has been a lot of buzz about the value of grit recently including a best seller named ... read more
Workplace Culture Fit
High performing organizations can be quite obsessive about their CULTURE as both a market differentiator and as a ... read more
Deliberately Developing gears
I recently read, "An Everyone Culture: Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization," by Robert Kegan and Lisa Kaskow Lahey ... read more
Manager-Employee Fit
Think back to the first manager you had in your own career... was this person a good match ... read more
Entrepreneur concept with notebook - Entrepreneurship
What is Entrepreneurship and What's the Hype? Entrepreneurship is defined as "the process of designing, launching and running ... read more
What a broken wrist taught me about Paradox Theory
I broke my left wrist recently. Fortunately I am right-handed and since I am not a bricklayer, I ... read more
Stress Turning Stable Employee into Raving Lunatic
Everyone has their limits, however, some people reach them much more quickly than others. When employees are stressed, ... read more
100% Fit Candidate is a Unicorn
Don't hold your breath. Practically no job candidate has exactly what is needed for the highest level of ... read more
One of the fundamental learning objectives in most leadership development training programs is delegation. But how exactly do ... read more
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